Park Xplor in Riviera Maya in Mexico, started to use EMG System to clean and maintain the whole installations. The have been testing EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner for cleaning bathrooms and showers, and after a few month they are using it in all public areas. The great result of this usage has been improvement of this natural stone floors, mold disappearance and delay in scale on those areas.

They have also been using ECO-Green for septic tank maintenance. Their main problem was bad odors in public areas coming from septic tank all over the park. They started to pour the product directly to the main pipes, and after a month odors were erased. Now that they have been using it for a while, they have also reduced cleaning and maintenance of these wastewater retention systems.

“With daily use we are able to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness in our park, eliminating bad odors completely and optimizing the generated wastewater. We have economized our water usage and work schedules, maximizing our resources by improving our employees time management, ensuring their safety and offering to our clients a 100% natural ambiance.” said Edwin from maintenance of Xplor Park .

Whit our system of the daily use of EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner and ECO-Green we have proven its efficiency of cleaning and decontaminating, while caring about the public health and the Environment.

This Park is well known for its “Cenotes” a natural pit, or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. This water if there is a human impact can be polluted and as result contamination will flow all over those underneath rivers. That’s why our product helps them to avoid contamination and water pollution to be filtrated to by using chemicals.

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