Mall & Supermarket


EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner is very effective in food court area, helps to maintain the whole area clean and decontaminated without chemical residues and fragrances that are unpleasant for users. EMG-Clean may be use to clean:

  • Tables and chairs.
  • Floors
  • Windows, glass, doors and mirrors.


Using EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner In kitchens for daily cleaning would facilitate reducing time and saving water; is not necessary to rinse and leaves no residue. Reduces the risk of cross contamination by removing any organic waste from your kitchen area; eliminates odors and will leave work surfaces clean and decontaminated. EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner will help reduce labor risks, and enhance the quality of life of its workers. Not being a chemical product makes ECO Cleaner 100% safe in working areas with food.

You can use it to clean any surface in take away food area:

  • Floors
  • Extraction Hood
  • Counter, cutting tables
  • Stainless Steel: repels dirt and fingerprints for a streak-free shine.
  • Walls, glass and windows
  • Areas of food exhibition, serving or cabinets
  • Refrigeration Chambers: effectively removes blood and other residues that may cause cross contamination.

Meat process and sale:

  • It properly eliminates protein reducing cross contamination risk between kinds of meat. (Proven results by ATP Illuminometer)
  • Easily removes blood and fat residues.
  • Food display cabinet (cleaner less odor)
  • Reduces cleaning frequency and time; eliminates excessive use of chemicals.

Fish process and sale:

  • Removes residual serum from fresh fish reducing proliferation of bad odor.
  • Easily cleans blood and fat from any surface.
  • Eliminates bad odors generated in refrigeration chambers and storage surfaces.


  • Easily eliminates organic residues as honey, sugar, cream, chocolate, flour, cheese, any kind of fat.
  • Deeply cleans and descale
  • Reduces and delays grease accumulation in any surface.
  • Does not contain fragrance, does not pollute the environment.

Mall & Supermarket:

ECO-Green is specifically formulated for grease traps and septic tanks and drains and grillage. Helps to naturally digest organic residues accumulated in those water systems, eliminates bad odors and reduces cleaning frequency of it.  Improves decontamination of wastewater and reduces contamination parameters as: COD. BOD, TSS, etc.

ECO-Green can be used as odor eliminator for drains and floor grillage applying the products directly or we can apply it with spray bottle in food court, trash cans, refrigeration chambers, etc.

Mall & Supermarket:

You may use EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner in any area:

  • Escalators, handrails, railing, etc.
  • Stainless Steel: Elevators, escalators, shelves and carts, etc. repels dirt and fingerprints for a streak-free shine.
  • Food area with showcases or exhibitors, refrigerators, etc.
  • Windows, glass doors, doors and mirrors
  • Cash register, mechanical bands, screens, etc.
  • Floor: marble, tile, natural stone (It protects any material) etc. It will reduce slip and fall accidents by removing grease and dirt from floors
  • Mirrors, glass and doors
  • Sinks: walls and stainless steel faucets
  • Floor and walls. It will reduce slips and falls by removing dirt from floors.
  • Toilet: it cleans organic residues and urine.

ECO-Green as odors eliminator for public bathrooms:

  • Apply to drains and will eliminate bad odors from it.
  • Areas with urine residues to eliminate odor
  • Water Free Urinals (Eco-Friendly Urinal) to eliminate urine accumulation and its bad odors.

ECO-Green may be applied as an odor eliminator with spray bottle to walls, fibers, curtains, carpet, etc. Will eliminate bad odors originated from food, tobacco, pets among others.

ECO-Green can be used as odor eliminator for drains. If you require a drain treatment to prevent bad odors, you must apply ECO-Green dilutions daily when cleaning is performed. The problem will be solved effectively.

EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner can be used in any area. Cleans deeply day by day returning to its natural state any surface as natural stone, marble, tile, stainless steel, etc. EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner doesn’t produce any foam, so its application is easy and its results are much better than other products on the market. As a chemical free cleaner no rise is needed so surfaces will not have chemical residues and will be shiny.

You can clean windows and glass more efficiently delaying accumulation of residues as hand grease in traffic areas, so it will reduce cleaning frequency. As a 100% Natural product is very effective and efficient and harmless to public health. EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner will help you to maintain any area cleaner, decontaminated without harming surfaces or materials, humans, animals or plants. You can use it in:

  • Hall Floor, outdoor and indoors, areas, etc…
  • Cleans and brings back natural shine from stainless steel
  • Glass doors, windows, mirrors, paintings
  • Computer and TV screens, keyboards, phones, etc.
  • Public Bathrooms: floor, mirrors, doors, toilet (see bathroom application)
  • Trash: will keep the area clean and free of residues, avoiding bad odors proliferation.

ECO-Green is a bad odors eliminator for trash cans and dumpsters. Avoids premature putrefaction of organic waste and prevents population of insects such as flies and cockroaches, eliminating bad odors. Apply by spraying every time you dump new waste.

ECO-Green for septic tanks and drains treatment. Helps to naturally digest organic residues accumulated in those water systems, eliminates bad odors and reduces cleaning frequency of it. It will maintain a low level of solids and reduces pump work. Improves decontamination of wastewater and reduces contamination parameters as: COD, BOD, TSS, etc.