The EMG System is the incorporation of our full range of products in your business daily activity. The integral idea we propose from EMG Cleaning Systems is for our clients to benefit daily of the great benefits that our products can offer you in any area or industry.

Read more on how our System can help you in your common problems and to improve your business and safety.

We are a revolution in the Cleaning Industry and Wastewater management.

How does the EMG System works?

The EMG System has been designed to facilitate your daily activities due to the incorporation of a range of products that will help reduce the consumption of chemicals and decontaminate wastewater. Our EMG System pretends to help your business to save money, eliminate and solve common problems in cleaning activities, bad odors, clogging, etc. and to offer you to be Green without additional costs. We seek to stop the abusive use of aggressive chemicals without changing your business structure. EMG System implies the application of our main products for cleaning purposes in your business, for maintenance of grease traps and septic tank and design to optimize Treatment Plants and making them more efficient. It’s a new concept to finally solve wastewater problems originated from the first step of contamination. Our System will not increase your costs nor disrupt you budget, is a Green Cost-Efficient Alternative. Our products come from a 100% All Natural origin, acting as activators of those natural microorganisms that are in the water or surfaces, turning them back to their natural state and carrying out the disintegration function and digestion of residues. Its use reduces chemical use in cleaning and maintenance process. Our products significantly improve the cleaning process of your business making it more effective, helping with common problems such as those originated in grease traps and septic tanks. Our System is the ultimate solution in deep cleaning of any surface and effective elimination of organic residues; its daily use benefits the decontamination of wastewater.

Why is EMG System so effective?

By using our EMG products, we improve the cleaning quality of our business; we reduce working schedules and save water and energy. The benefit of its continuous use provides a significant reduction in the monthly maintenance costs incurred before starting to use EMG System. Our products are completely safe to use, easy to handle and do not require any special care when pouring or applying them. The benefits we obtain from its daily use are many, among them:

  • Bad odor elimination
  • Cross contamination control
  • Deep cleaning
  • Reduction of working time
  • Important savings in water consumption and energy
  •  Improves life quality of workers and costumers
  •  Does not leave residues: fragrance free (Hypo-allergenic), colorless
  • Wastewater decontamination
  • Continuous care of the Environment, humans and animal
  • Reduction of Excessive use of Chemicals
  • Eliminates possible bacteria proliferation
  • Increases safety of any working area
  • Cleans and decontaminates better than many Chemicals called “green”
  • Is 100% Environmentally safe and the only Green product in the market

What are the advantages of EMG System compared to other products on the market?

Our system is a Non-Active Biocatalyst, it does not contain enzymes or bacteria, and we do not add any external agents to perform natural functions that already exist. Our products activate microorganisms already existing in the media so they can act more effectively, maximizing their digestive properties. EMG-Green will digest grease, oils and organic residues completely from grease traps, septic tanks, instead of liquefying them and moving the problem downstream. Unlike other products claiming to be green EMG-Clean is eco-friendly because it does not contain any chemical component or foaming agents. It is the only natural way to clean without contaminating and its daily use improves the cleanliness of your business space extraordinarily well. EMG-Eco Degreaser is a natural and very effective degreaser for any industry for cleaning, grime, oil, lubricant and common mechanical dirt.

Available Certifications!

ECO-Green is completely safe in comparison to other chemical products or bacterial and enzymatic based products promoted by companies as safer (less toxic ingredients). ECO-Green is not a chemical and not a bacterial or enzymatic product; therefore the necessary protocols to certify this advanced technology are not yet available from the agencies who certify chemical products. We are certified by the USDA Bio preferred Program.

EMG-Clean ECO Cleaner is totally safe because is not a biocide, pesticide or disinfectant. EMG-Clean is a powerful cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer that works without damaging humans, animals or plants. It contains non-toxic ingredients that leave no residue so it is safe to use in food industry. EMG-ECO Degreaser is an all-natural and highly efficient degreaser for mechanical and industrial residues. We are certified by the USDA Bio preferred Program. Biocides, pesticides, disinfectants, degreasers and common cleaners are dangerous and contaminating, that is why they require EPA or other agency authorization to regulate chemical products.

FDA approval is typically used for ingredients of food, drugs, or cosmetics, and/or ingredients that are reasonably expected to become components of food, drugs, or cosmetics. Cleaning products are not intended to become ingredients in food, drugs or cosmetics, and therefore “FDA approval” does not apply for our products. Our formula based in Non-active ingredients makes our products safe to use in any business.

“This Environmentally safe  EMG System will improved and stabilized all treatment process of water, reducing considerable the volume of contamination, sludge, odors and reducing BOD, COD, TDS, oils and grease”

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