About Us

Welcome to EMG

EMG Cleaning Systems, Llc., was born to provide environmentally friendly solutions based on 100% Natural products. Our products are designed to solve the common problems of organic and non-organic residues in any type of Industry or business.

EMG Products are the result of 20 years of investigation in Biotechnology created to improve cleaning and maintenance of your business; increasing the safety of customers and staff, increasing profits, saving money and protecting the Environment. Our products are Hypoallergenic, Safe, Non-Toxic and 100% Biodegradable.

We are a REVOLUTION in the Cleaning Industry and Wastewater management. Learn more today how to protect your Business and the Environment.

EMG Products are Inactive Biocatalysts, it does not contain enzymes or bacteria, we do not add any external agents to perform natural functions that already exist. Our products activate microorganisms already existing so they can act more effectively, maximizing their digestive properties.

  •  No foaming agents presents so we reduce Water Consumption more than 30%
  • No perfume or color, so we can say our products are 100% Green 0% Chemical compounds.
  • Reduces Energy consumption
  • USDA Certified Products and in abroad Markets we have local Certifications.
  • Our Formula is based on organic components and is no harm to Public Health or our Environment.
  • Protects water and decontaminates waste waters.
  • Reduces and controls contamination parameters: COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOD (Biochemical Oxigen Demand), TSS (Total Solid Suspended), TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), pH, oils and grease, etc…
  • Reduces sludge more than 30%

Products 100% Biodegradable

EMG Cleaning Systems seeks to create ecological awareness through our products 100% Biodegradable compatible with the Environment. Our mission is to introduce to our customers safer and affordable alternatives on the market for the maintenance of grease trap, septic tanks, water treatment plants and cleaning services.

Personalized and professional service

Our philosophy is based on providing our clients with a personalized and professional service, inviting them to work exclusively with our product line in their market area. We look forward to grow with our clients offering a new Ecological technology that eliminates common cleaning problems and maintenance expenses and does not contaminate. Our Products are the only Green Solution for your Business.

Environment protection

The protection of the Environment is the core, fundamental value of our company and with our system we intend to encourage an awareness of the misuse of chemical products. In our need to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness in our businesses we should not have to harm or pollute our People, our Environment; our Future. “We can clean and take care of our Nature with the simple insertion of the EMG System in our daily schedule. If we all take more care now, we will be able in the future to have a Better World.”